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Equity Release Advisors

Why An Equity Release Advisor Should Be Used

By Equity Release Advisors

There are several reasons using an equity release advisor will be beneficial to a homeowner. Before choosing an equity release plan or provider, you should always seek advice from an equity release advisor.

As members of the Equity Release Council, Essex Equity Release have a trusted team available whenever you require advice. Our equity release advisors will always give you the detailed information needed regarding equity plans.

Unbiased Advice

The first reason to use equity release advisors is to ensure the advice and recommendations you receive are completely unbiased. When releasing equity, this is all about finding the best plan for your specific needs.  When selecting a plan directly through a provider, you could be putting yourself at risk of choosing a plan that is more suited to your provider than to you.

With advice from equity release advisors, this should never be a problem. Advisors will make sure that the final plan you decide on is suitable for your exact specifications. By talking to you in great detail, this gives you the opportunity to discuss what options and criteria are most important to you, finding a plan that matches these requirements.

Finding Equity Release Council Members

Using advisors and equity plans who are members and approved by the Equity Release Council will give you several guarantees to provide safety within your equity plan. The Equity Release Council was launched in 1991 and since then, it has made equity a much more reliable and mainstream product. By using dependable members, this should give you complete peace of mind over the plans you choose.

Being members of the Equity Release Council will ensure your plan holds a No Negative Equity Guarantee. This can be one of the biggest features for all homeowners looking to release equity. This means you never owe more than what your home is sold for. Therefore, no debt will be inherited by your family and other beneficiaries. You will also not have to make monthly repayments, although this is an option if it suits you better.

Identifying Other Options

Although equity release advisors help you find the best equity plan, it may not always be the best option. Furthermore, having a consultation with an equity release advisor could open up the possibility of different options you are yet to consider.

Although equity release can be a great option for many homeowners, there are several avenues you could explore and it is important to do this before selecting a plan. With a selection of equity plans available, there are many different specifications that can be found and tailored to you. Despite this, if none of the plans meet your exact expectations, equity release advisors can help you identify other options.

Local & Helpful Advice

By using local equity release advisors, this means you can also involve any family or friends who may be affected or involved by equity release to also receive our consultation. In addition to you and your partner, any family and friends can also help you select a plan that you think is best for your needs.

We can organise a suitable consultation within one of our local offices or provide a home visit. This process is made as easy as possible for you. Once this has been organised, we make sure our advice is helpful so you can make an informed decision on your plans.

Contact Us

If you would like to organise a consultation regarding equity release, contact our team today. Essex Equity Release will always provide a fast response. Advice is available at a suitable time for your needs and the location of your choice. Make an enquiry and call 01268 799211 or fill in our contact form today.

What Equity Release Advisors Do

By Equity Release Advisors

Equity release advisors help in a number of ways when you are looking to release equity in your home. Working with many providers to deliver the best equity plans, you should always go through an equity release advisor to find the right option for your needs.

Essex Equity Release offer equity release advise regarding all equity plans. When you require equity release advisors, our team are always available to ensure you select the right option.

Working With Providers

Equity release advisors work with a number of different providers which is particularly beneficial to every homeowner. If you choose to go to one individual provider for advice about your equity plan, you will only be seeing a small selection of the options available unless you decide to go to all the different providers.

With a team of advisors, this will consider each equity plan, as well as offering unbiased advice. Unlike the provider of an equity plan, we want to help you select the correct plan for your specific requirements. Going to a provider could mean you end up picking the best equity plan for that provider to make money.

Understanding Equity Plans

There are several different features to each equity plan, whilst you have the option of lifetime mortgages or home reversions. Many homeowners do not understand the exact specifications of each equity plan. Having a team on hand to offer this support and ensure you know what you are choosing is vital.

With equity release advisors, you will receive detailed advice in regards to every equity plan. This will also take you through the differences in each plan, such as making monthly payments, interest rates, moving home and having a No Negative Equity Guarantee.

All plans available at Essex Equity Release provide a No Negative Equity Guarantee. This ensures when you sell your home, you never owe more money than what the property was sold for.

Recommended Plans

Using the help of an equity release advisor, you will receive a recommended plan based on the criteria you would like achieved. Whilst you do not have to go ahead with the plan we recommend, this does give you what we think is the best option.

As our advice is completely unbiased towards any particular plan or provider, this significantly helps your decision. During our consultation, you will always have the chance to discuss the biggest priorities for your equity plan. With this considered, your recommendation should give you the plan you need and want.

Easy Consultation

There are several ways that you can begin your equity release journey. With the help of equity release advisors, your journey can begin at any time and there are several ways to select your plan and discuss the right option for your needs.

There are several ways our team can provide your advice, including:

  • A Home Visit
  • A Quick Chat Over The Phone
  • By Email
  • Meeting At One Our Local Interview Suites In Basildon, Billericay, Brentwood, Burnham On Crouch, Chelmsford, Epping, Romford & Southend
  • Meeting At Our Benfleet Office

We are happy to give you advice whenever you need, with whichever method is required. This personal service makes going to advisors a great choice for all homeowners.

Stay Protected

The majority of equity plans are now a very viable and strong option for homeowners to take. However, it is important to remain protected against possible dangers of equity plans. Hence, by finding equity release advisors who are part of the Equity Release Council, you can ensure you are protected.

The plans from Equity Release Council members will always have several guarantees to put your mind at ease. This includes helping you leave an inheritance, moving home and never being left in debt when using equity plans.

Contact Us

For more information on the services we offer at Essex Equity Release, get in touch today. Our advisors are happy to support all clients throughout Essex and the surrounding areas with detailed advice on every plan. Make an enquiry and call 01268 799211 or fill in our contact form today.