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Equity Release is a method of unlocking cash in the value of your home without the need to move.


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This couple, both suffering from Life shortening Conditions, decided to live the dream, release equity in their home to finance their Bucket List- Enjoying life to the full whilst they can!

Mr & Mrs B

Wrongly accused of inappropriate conduct in his workplace, and having lost his job, wanted to fight back to clear his name through the Courts- Released equity in his home to fund for Legal Costs, and won his case with his pride intact!

Mr C

90 years old and getting a little doddery, her daughter wanted to live in so as to look after her, however extensive works were needed to make liveable for daughter to move in plus home improvements required to make mobility easier- 3 years later, still going strong!

Mrs F

Wanted to raise funds to gift the deposit for their daughter to purchase her first home with fiancé- 18 months later, marriage looms!

Mr & Mrs F

Took out a Lifetime mortgage some time ago, when Interest Rates were much higher. Remortgaged to another lender saving lots in accrued interest, plus releasing some much needed extra funds!

Mr & Mrs F

Lived with & cared for Mum in her house during her twilight years, when she passed she left the property to him & 2 siblings. He wanted to continue to live in his home, so release equity to pay off his brother & sisters’ share!

Mr G

Messy Divorce Case, wanted to remain in the Marital Home, raised equity in the property to pay off Ex!

Mr J

His Interest Only mortgage had reached end of term, Lender would not entertain continuing the arrangement even though still working as he “ didn’t fit criteria” - released equity to clear existing mortgage with a Lifetime Mortgage, continuing to service the Interest- on a lower rate than with the High St Lender!

Mr L

93 year old, needing 24 hour care, had a team of 3 looking after him for past few years, but not eaten up his savings to pay for the £60K pa Fees. Desperate to remain in his own, lovely, home, we raised £420K to keep him there until he made his Century!

Mr Mc

68 years old, still working but worn out. Eager to retire, but couldn’t afford to. Raised enough funds through releasing equity to subsidise her pension income, and has now packed up work!

Mrs Mc

Their Son wanted to marry his long term partner, and they were anxious that he should but simply did not have sufficient savings to push the boat out. By releasing equity they not only paid for the wedding, but had a bit left over fo help with the deposit on a Flat!

Mr & Mrs P

Mrs P, had sold her house ready to retire to the Seaside, but the new property was a bit outside her budget- We got her Dream Home by taking a Lifetime Mortgage to Purchase to make up the difference, plus a little over for home improvements!

Mrs P

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